Koos Sneek Questions ExCo on Agriculture

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Koos Sneek Mariott 3
Photo BES-Reporter

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Councilman Koos Sneek (Indepedent) has sent a letter to the Executive Council with several questions related to agriculture. Sneek wrote his letter after a visit he paid to the ‘Made in Statia project’.

“Today I have visited the project Made in Statia. I have been informed about the developments there and have left with mixed feelings. I did not get the impression that the project is functioning as some want us to believe. Listening to management, I could hear disappointment and a level of frustration about their situation and a perceived lack of interest or understanding from the part of government”, according to Sneek’s letter.


Sneek writes that he is concerned about the perceived lack of interest from the side of Government. ‘”The above has me seriously concerned. The uncertain long-term future of the oil terminal makes it extremely urgent that our economy become more diverse. Next to the development of tourism, agriculture is one of the few areas with potential as long as it gets the right attention”.

Sneek has fired off a total of 12 questions to the Executive Council. Among others, Sneek wants to know to whom the ground of Made in Statia belongs, what the exact agreement is between the island and the organization, what plans Government has to provide sufficient water for agriculture, what provisions there are in the Budget, when it comes to Agriculture, what happened to the Aquaponics project and what concrete plans Government has when it comes to the stimulation of agricultural production on the island.

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