Large turnout for Dutch Caribbean Heritage Conference on Saba

A view of the gathering in the Eugenius Johnson Center in Windward side. Photo: OLS

THE BOTTOM – The fourth the Dutch Caribbean Heritage Platform (DCHP) conference took place on Saba, with approximately sixty participants. The conference, which began on St. Maarten and ended on Saba, aimed to promote awareness of cultural heritage. 

Attendees engaged with local heritage specialists, exchanged knowledge, and explored sustainable solutions for preserving the heritage of Sint Maarten, Saba, and St. Eustatius. 

Activities included historical tours, panel discussions, and the digitization of historical documents related to the SSS islands. 


The conference fostered connections between generations and emphasized the importance of cooperation between heritage and nature organizations. Other organizations, including the Saba Tourist Bureau and Saba Conservation Foundation, also contributed to the event.

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