Last preparations entry Visitor Entry Tax

KRALENDIJK – In more than a week, the tourist who visits Bonaire will be able to pay off 75 dollars in tax. All visitors to Bonaire will then have to have paid the Visitor Entry Tax upon entering Bonaire.

Last Friday, June 17, Tourism Corporation Bonaire organized a Stakeholder Information session. A large group of partners from the tourism sector were informed about the Visitor Entry Tax. During the presentation, among other things, the website of the online payment was shown. The route and checks at the airport were also discussed in detail, and there was room for asking and answering questions.

Tax Agents

The flow of visitors entering Bonaire via the airport requires an intensive approach. The introduction of the Visitor Entry Tax is a new situation for everyone. Tax Agents are intensively trained for this in order to be able to help visitors as best as possible. The Tax Agents guide the visitors, know the answers to the questions and are trained to act in certain situations.

For visitors traveling by sea to Bonaire by private boat, the Visitor Entry Tax will be checked in the Marina of Harbor Village. The Marina will also check the boats that are moored off the coast to see whether the Visitor Entry Tax has been paid.

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