Letter to the editor: ‘Poor state of roads’

As visitors to Bonaire we are astounded by the atrocious condition of the roads to some of the key tourism locations on the island. 

Yesterday we decided to go see Lac Bay using Kaminda Lac. This road, if we can call it that, is a mud track that hasn’t been maintained since the last century, at least it appeared as such. We wonder why the roads department doesn’t maintain this roadway by at least passing a grader over it to allow for the safe passage of vehicles.

In terms of government revenue stream we note a daily influx of cruise ship passengers that are each charged a $10 fee to disembark and explore the island. In addition to that revenue, each passenger arriving by air is charged an entry tax of $75/pp. Just the daily amount collected from these two taxes would be more than enough to pay for a week’s operation of a road grader.

Food for thought, 

Menno Speyer

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