Letter to the Editor (Statia): “Why are we voting for 0 seats”?

People of Statia, Roland van Raak admitted that voting for the so-called electoral college (Provinciale Staten) makes no sense. Not in those exact words, but he pointed out that the total number of voters on Saba will count for 0,01 of a seat in the Dutch Senate. So that is not even a tenth of one of the 75 seats. It’s one percent of one of 75 seats! What does that even mean? It means 0 seats, so no say whatsoever.

This is just to show how ridiculous voting for the so-called electoral college on March 20 is. What is even worse, the people of Statia cannot directly vote for the Dutch Senate on May 27th. The 570 members of the Provinciale Staten who will be elected via the electoral college on March 20th, will do that for you. So if your vote represents only 0,01 seat in the Dutch Senate imagine how little your vote will count in the 570 seats of Provinciale Staten. You do the math.

Ask all of those telling you to vote how that 0 seat in the Dutch Senate will lead to a “SELF-SUFFICIENT AND SUSTAINABLE STATIA”? Don’t wait for the answer, because there is none, and it won’t come either!

To add insult to injury, the Dutch Government refuse to let the people of Statia have their democratic say by voting for 5 real seats in their own Island Council on March 20th.

The Dutch Government pretends to want democracy, but only when it suits them. They want elections in Venezuela to try to get rid of their President, which won’t happen, of course. But on Statia, they don’t want elections out of fear. This is the typical Dutch hypocrisy.

People of Statia, don’t be fooled by Koos and his crew telling you to go out and vote to express your democratic right. It is just a big joke. It is a plot to throw sand in the eyes of the people of Statia, so that the Dutch Government can take over our island, our heritage, and our properties. Property taxes, inheritance taxes, and more will be imposed, and soon we will lose what our forefathers fought and worked hard for. We will be come strangers in our own land, mark my words. It is already happening on Statia and Bonaire. And it won’t stop there.

If you vote on March 20th, they will tell you afterwards that you shouldn’t complain. They will say you agreed to whatever they do and had input in your own future via a democratic process.

I never lived in Holland, but know enough from family and friends there about how their Government operates. And I am seeing it right here on the island.

On March 20th, let the Dutch people in Holland use their democratic right and vote for their 570 representatives. Stay away from the voting booths, and send a strong message to Holland that we are people who are not stupid of fooled. We don’t need to vote for 0 seats in Holland, we need to vote for 5 seats on our own beloved island. That is democracy!
A concerned citizen.

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