Letter to the Editor: Bonaire Needs Competent Leadership

Letter to the Editor : Bonaire Needs Competent Leadership

Is anyone in a position responsible for enacting or enforcing measures to protect the population during this pandemic following the numbers?

So far in 2021, active cases have increased by 421.  That is an average of 6 each day, and an approximate 3,200 % increase.  Testing positive has increased by 846.  That is an approximate 4,900 % increase.  Deaths have increased by 4.  That is an approximate increase of 130 %.

Approximately 2,477 people are vaccinated every 30 days.  On a straight-line path, the island can reach “herd immunity” in approximately 7 months, late October 2021.

Using equivalent statistical application on a present-day basis, deaths can be estimated to be between 20 and 35 during the same 7 month period.  An exponential basis is more realistic, meaning the probability that the number of deaths may be even higher.

“Exponential” can be defined as what can result from a Bonaire Government failing to take the health and welfare of the Bonarians seriously, and groups like Bonhata focused only on following the money.

Rick Duncan – Bonaire Resident

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