Limited increase in Fuel prices Bonaire

Limited increase in Fuel prices Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- Although many people on Bonaire were anticipating a steep increase in prices at the pump, so far the increase is going to be relatively small. 

Regular gas will go from $1.40 to $1.43 per litre from Friday. Diesel is increasing somewhat more in percentage and goes from $0.91 to $1.00 per litre. A small  cylinder  with cooking gas, will now cost $12.79 instead of $11.03. A large cylinder with cooking gas will cost $60.71 instead of $51.92.

The price of kerosene will remain the same for the time being. A much larger increase of almost 40 guilder cents (U$ 0.22) extra per litre of petrol has been implemented on Curaçao this month. The price increases announced now are not expected to be the last for a while.

Globally, oil prices are on the rise, mainly due to the tensions surrounding the war in Ukraine.

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