Lobster season is closed

KRALENDIJK – STINAPA Bonaire wants to inform the public that from May 1st to October 31st it is prohibited by law to catch lobster in the waters around Bonaire, Klein Bonaire and in Lac. Venezuela also has prohibited the catching of lobster during the same period. Do not catch, buy, serve, sell or eat fresh lobster from May 1st to October 31st.

When lobster season opens again on November 1st, lobster may be taken only between Willemstoren and Malmok, on the east coast. Lobster that is taken during this period must be larger than 12 cm if you measure from between the eyes to the beginning of the tail, meaning that you do not measure the tail.

Spiny lobsters breed and spawn when the ocean is warm during the summer and female lobsters may produce hundreds of thousands of eggs twice during the reproductive season. She lays the eggs and holds them under her tail for up to ten weeks, until they are ready to hatch. It is strictly prohibited to take lobster during this time.

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