Luxury cruise ships return to Saba 

Luxury cruise ships return to Saba 

SABA – Saba has been eagerly anticipating the return of smaller luxury cruise ships after a pause in cruise visits during the pandemic. On Tuesday, November 2, the Crystal Endeavor came to the island, and it is expected that this season, more luxury cruise lines will add Saba to their itinerary.

The Crystal Endeavor had 46 passengers onboard. The guests could take part in different activities, including island tours, kayak tours or explore maritime life in the ship’s own submarine. Representatives of the Saba Tourist Bureau were present at the harbor to welcome the passengers and to provide information. Also present was a representative of the ship’s local agent, Saba C Transport. Director of Tourism Malinda Hassell thanked all partners and stakeholders for making the ship’s visit to Saba a success.

On October 21, another luxury cruise ship came to Saba, the World Navigator with 53 passengers. “During the upcoming season, we expect some more cruise lines to visit Saba. Even though we are not very known as a cruise destination, we do sometimes get added to the schedule of luxury cruise lines, which Saba tends to attract for its Unspoiled Queen product,” said Hassell.

“Most guests enjoy the lushness and appreciate that Saba is a different type of Caribbean island, with its picturesque villages, its hospitable community and the scenic views. We look forward to enhancing the on-island guest experience, as well as our product offerings, as we continue to welcome visitors. All passengers and crew are following our guidelines and the easy entry requirements process also makes the process to visit us attractive,” said Director Hassell. The next cruise call is scheduled for November 30th with the visit of the SeaDream II.

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