M21 and Democratic Party Bonaire sign cooperation agreement

Daisy Coffie and Clark Abraham have found one another in a wish for a true change in the island’s direction. Photo: PBD

KRALENDIJK – Political Parties M21 and the Democratic Party Bonaire (PDB) have signed an agreement to cooperate. The parties see several similarities between the programs with which they entered the elections.

Both parties are also of the opinion that the results of the island council elections indicate that voters want to see a different course on the island. “We must now leave partisan politics behind and start working for the common good,” said PDB leader Clark Abraham. “We clearly see that voters have chosen a different direction. Working together with the M21 faction, with whom we have worked constructively in the opposition, is a logical step for us.”


M21 political leader Daisy Coffie agrees with her colleague from the Red Party. “We have been indicating for some time that we think things should be different on Bonaire. There are indeed great similarities between our action points and our starting points”. According to Coffie, it is important that politicians on the island listen to the wishes of the population.

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