M21 foresees a more assertive stance from Bonaire in relation to the Netherlands

M21 Party leader Daisy Coffie during the recent meetings in The Netherlands. Photo: Daisy Coffie

KRALENDIJK- The political party Movementu 21 (M21), currently part of the coalition forming the Executive Council in Bonaire, anticipates a more assertive approach from Bonaire towards the Netherlands in the coming period. 

The pink party reaches this conclusion after meetings in the Netherlands regarding imminent changes to the WolBES and FinBES. 

“Bonaire presented two lists of points, one jointly with St. Eustatius and Saba, and one from Bonaire alone. Of the joint list, 14 out of 17 points were accepted, while 11 out of 13 points on Bonaire’s list were approved.” 


The party considers the result achieved by the island to be extremely successful. M21 attributes much of the success of the discussions to party leader Daisy Coffie. “Daisy Coffie, leader of the Bonairian delegation, is praised for her role in achieving this success, which marks a turning point in the relationship with the Netherlands and demonstrates that Bonairian leaders stand up for the interests of their people, without blindly succumbing to external pressure,” a party press release states.

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