M21 holds successful charity day

The volunteers of M21 have successfully cleared a significant amount of debris from nature. Photo: M21

KRALENDIJK- The political party M21, led by faction leader Daisy Coffie, organized a charity day on Saturday.

The party headed to the southern part of the island to clean up litter along the coast. Judging by the number of garbage bags collected with various scattered rubbish, it was certainly not an unnecessary action.

In total, the party removed waste from nature over a distance of a whopping 8 kilometers, from the Trans World Radio installations to Pink Beach. The campaign is part of what the party describes as “Labor di Impakto Sosial,” or work for a social cause.

Coffie expressed her satisfaction with the results at the end of the activity. “This stems from the philosophy of our party, where we also want to dedicate ourselves to matters that are important for the entire society. Additionally, as M21, we aim to set an example as a Good Corporate Citizen.” The cleanup campaign is one of the many action points that the party still has on its agenda.

The next charity day is scheduled for July 1st.

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