Makana ferry service secures €1 million subsidy for two more years of vital service

ORANJESTAD/THE BOTTOM – The Makana ferry has been granted a 1 million euro subsidy to sustain its operations for the next two years, as announced on December 18, 2023. 

Responding to requests from the Executive Councils of Saba and Statia, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations has allocated the funding to ensure the Makana ferry service connecting St. Eustatius and Saba with St. Maarten continues its operations. 

State Secretary Van Huffelen confirmed the financial support in a letter to the Second Chamber. Despite the Makana Ferry being well-received, a recent evaluation indicated that it remains financially unsustainable even two years after its inception. 

Improvement plan

To address this, Statia and Saba have devised an improvement plan. The subsidy aims to prevent an increase in ticket prices, aligning with the government’s commitment to maintaining affordability for passengers.

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