Making Bonairean heritage together: a citizen-science project 

Kralendijk- Towards the end of 2023, Terramar Museum will guide a new project in collaboration with Utrecht University and the support of Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie. Using archeological research, scientific research and community building, it wants to make clear that the Bonairean heritage is alive in its people.

By joining forces, Terramar Museum and Utrecht University will create a participatory heritage project with the aim of connecting the inhabitants of Bonaire to their tangible and intangible heritage. For this project Terramar Museum will be working closely with local organizations reaching all interested heritage makers and heritage participants. Different heritage events will take place where the focus group will be the local Bonaireans.

From these collaborations and research, a traveling exhibition will be made. The museum will tell a new story, through this new collection and from a different perspective, that will tell the story of Bonaire while making it accessible to the entire island. Another main focus point of this traveling collection is to offer the opportunity to other organizations on the island to host this collection.


The collection will focus on 23 objects. We will show the connection between these objects, our heritage, and the inhabitants of Bonaire. We want to link experiences and personal histories to the objects. The selection of the objects will happen according to insights and methods from cultural history and archeological research.

Any organization/people interested in participating, feel free to contact the museum. It is in the start-up phase of this project and they would like to receive input from everyone!

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