Mandatory PCR test on the fifth day after arrival free for residents of Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- For residents of Bonaire with a local ID card (sédula), the mandatory PCR test on the fifth day after arrival from the exterior is free, when they return to the island from a (very) high risk country.

The free PCR test for residents with a sédula will be available from Monday 27 December 2021. When requesting the mandatory PCR test online for the fifth day after arrival, residents of Bonaire can opt for the free test. The day they are tested, residents of Bonaire must show their sédula at the test site as proof that they are registered on the island. The free PCR test is not valid for Bonaireans who now live in another country and are registered there.


Bonaire has recently tightened the travel conditions to come to the island. The new travel conditions are part of a plan by the Public Health Department to delay the arrival of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus to the island. The more people have had the corona jab and the booster jab, the better Bonaire is protected against the Omicron variant.

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