Mantelzorg Bonaire receives recognition from MCB bank

Mantelzorg Bonaire receives recognition from MCB bank

Photo: Every year volunteers are put in the spotlight by MCB bank and this year the bank choose Mantelzorg Bonaire.

KRALENDIJK- The volunteers behind Mandelzorg Bonaire have been distinguished this year by the MCB as an organization that has committed itself to a noble cause.

For several years in a row, the MCB has selected an organization that deserves to be put in the spotlight, because of work done for those in need or work that is especially meaningful to many on the island. This year, MCB choose Mantelzorg Bonaire as an organization that deserved a special recognition.

Mantelzorg Bonaire is committed to recognizing and supporting informal caregivers, who provide assistance to a sick or special-needs person, mostly in their own family circle. Support is provided by the organization by offering a helping hand, but also by organizing training sessions and by listening to the experiences of those taking care of a loved one. 

Every year, on November 10, Mantelzorg Bonaire organizes a special day for all informal caregivers on the island.


According to MCB Bonaire director Leonard Domacassé, the volunteers of Mantelzorg Bonaire also deserve to be put in the spotlight, because of the importance of their work. He therefore invited them for a social gathering and handed over a certificate or recognition. 

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