Marion Gherbaz new director Management and Support

Marion Gherbaz

Kralendijk – As of 1 December, Marion Gherbaz is the new director of the Management and Support Department. She has extensive experience in top management positions within local and provincial governments and the non-profit sector in the Netherlands.

Gherbaz was born and brought up in Germany but she moved to the Netherlands when she was twenty. Here, she studied higher management, public administration and organizational sciences alongside her work. Her passion lies in business management, the social domain and organizational development.

Gherbaz worked for many years at the municipality of The Hague and Eindhoven but also in small municipalities (20,000 to 30,000 inhabitants). She also has extensive experience as an interim manager / troubleshooter at local authorities and in the non-profit sector.

In the coming year, her focus will be on further development of the civil service, such as anticipating an aging population, managing cooperation and taking steps in a clear and sustainable financial management.

The Management and Support department, formed by the Finance, Personnel & Organization, Communication, Post and Archive, ICT, Legal, – General and Facilities departments, aims to support the Executive Council and the Executive Boards in the exercising their substantive and public duties.


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