Media Week BES kicked off in Plaza Resort Bonaire

The Media Week was kicked off by Nolly Oleana from OCW

The Media Week was kicked off by Nolly Oleana from OCW

KRALENDIJK- On Tuesday afternoon, the Mediaweek BES started in the Plaza Resort Bonaire.

In the first meeting, press staff on the island received feedback on the results of the survey conducted among local press staff. Based on the findings, under the guidance of Renske Pin of RE-Quest consultancy, discussions were held about outcomes and challenges of the press in a broad sense.

For the most part, the members of the press present believed that the situation of the press on the island was difficult to compare with the situation on the neighboring island of Curaçao. While there are similarities, there are also major differences. It is a wish of the local press that reinforcement of the local media is really focused on the situation of the island.

Pressure cooker

On Tuesday afternoon, an explanation was also given about the so-called Media Pressure Cooker that will start next weekend. Various media will work together there on an audio-visual product that will be presented after the weekend. Various activities are also scheduled this week, including a broad discussion about the role of the media on the BES Islands.

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