Medicair starts strategic cooperation with Ambulancias Aéreas de Colombia

Two Key Figures behind Ambulancias Aéreas de Colombia, medical director and MD Viviana Ortiz and Chief Operations Officer Nicolás Otoya. Photo: Colcharters/Ambulancias Aéreas de Colombia.

KRALENDIJK- Medicair, based in Bonaire and part of the EZ Air operation that facilitates medical flights from Bonaire to the region, is expanding its activities and services. 

For this purpose Medicair has entered into a service agreement with Ambulancias Aéreas de Colombia, a part of Colcharter IPS S.A.S. Together with their Colombian partner, Medicair will conduct ambulance flights in the broader Caribbean region, utilizing each other’s aircraft and having Ambulancias Aéreas de Colombia provide medical personnel for Medicair’s flights.

“Our focus is on saving lives at times when others cannot. With aircraft equipped with intensive care units, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and highly trained aviation and medical staff, we provide access to healthcare for patients in geographically challenging areas or areas without high-quality facilities,” says Viviana Ortiz, the medical director responsible for the medical aspect of the operation.

Since its inception, Ambulancias Aéreas has flown for over 75,000 hours, covered more than 20 million kilometers, and saved over 30,000 lives in total. Medicair Director René Winkel is pleased with the new collaboration, stating, “So far, we were bound to one dominant contract partner, but that situation will soon cease to exist. This allows us to offer our services in a broader area and, if necessary, compete with others.”

According to Winkel, Ambulancias Aéreas de Colombia is a large and attractive partner, with a total of 190 employees and the capacity to perform up to 450 medical flights per month in collaboration with Medicair. Medicair will continue to provide ambulance flights from the ABC islands, St. Maarten, Anguilla, and other islands in the region, operating two Learjet-type aircraft. Ambulancias Aéreas has a fleet of 19 aircraft of various sizes and specifications.

One of Medicair’s Learjets. Photo: Medicair

Medical Escorts

The collaboration with Ambulancias Aéreas de Colombia extends beyond medical transport using their own ambulance planes. The two medical aviation companies will also jointly provide medical escorts for patients who can travel back with a commercial flight but require medical assistance. This includes cases such as tourists who, for medical reasons, need to return home from the Caribbean or vice versa.

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