Medical Analysts from Suriname have Departed for St. Eustatius

Tefanja Saidam (l) and Simone Trouw (r) at the start of their journey out of Suriname

Zanderij, Suriname- According to the Surinam newspaper De Ware Tijd (DWT), medical analysts Tefanja Saidam and Simone Trouw have departed towards St. Eustatius.

The two analysts will be providing assistance at the Labaratory in St. Eustatius, now that most local workers were infected with the Covid-virus. Because of restricted travel options, Saidam and Trouw will be flying to The Netherlands, before flying to St. Maarten, where they will continue onwards by chartered plane to St. Eustatius.

According to DWT, a team of nurses will also be traveling from The Netherlands to St. Eustatius to provide assistance to the staff at Queen Beatrix Medical Center (QMBC).

The full article from DWT can be read here.

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