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“Mega D” receives high ranking medal for achievements

Island Governor Alida Francis pins the decoration on Mega D’s shirt. Photo: GIS

ORANJESTAD – The tireless advocate for youth advancement, Dion “Mega D” Humphreys, has been recognized by King Willem Alexander with a high-ranking honour.

The Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau was conferred on Humphreys for outstanding contributions to the youth of Statia and the island as a whole. A Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau is a higher rank within the order and is typically awarded to individuals who have rendered extraordinary services to society. Humphreys received the symbol of Royal recognition from the island governor, Alida Francis, at a ceremony at the Lions’ Den.

“You do what you do because it is your purpose and only you have the purpose that you have,” the island governor told Humphreys. “And if today is any extra encourage for you to continue living your purpose and contributing to this society, let this be that moment not to give up, not to quit and not to give in.”

Born in St Maarten in 1981, Humphreys has worked for, and in the interest of Statian youth for well over a decade. His activism began in 2009, when he began delivering lectures, seminars and workshops to educate young people are the vital significance of school and education.

Youth Foundation

His impressive record of success include the well-known Mega D Youth Foundation, whose goal is to educate, motivate and encourage our youth; and the much more recent innovation, Boombastic, a community-oriented edutainment café which specialises in culinary and performing arts, and is run by teens and young adults with the support of gifted experts. The main goal of Boombastic is to create opportunities for teens and young adults through their talents.

Humphreys has also moulded and mentored several up and coming artistes and entertainers, as part of his contribution to the resuscitation and growth of carnival 

 “Mega D’s activities have benefited the entire island in every way. Parents are grateful to have a safe place to take their children for homework guidance and further all-around development,” said Anica Marsdin, the chairwoman of the Royal Decoration committee.

Every year, on the birthday of King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands, Dutch nationals are decorated for noteworthy contributions in their respective communities.

The islands in the Dutch Caribbean and municipalities in the European Netherlands can submit candidates for a royal decoration. 

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