Members of Thodé Committee meet board and clients of Food Bank Bonaire

Members of the Thodé Committee together with representatives of the Food Bank Bonaire. Photo: Food Bank Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- On Monday, the Board and several customers of the Food Bank Bonaire met with the Thodé committee to discuss the social minimum.

The Thodé committee, chaired by former Island Governor Glen Thodé, has been tasked with investigating the needs of various household types to make ends meet and participate socially on Bonaire, Saba, and Sint Eustatius. They will also examine the system of the social minimum, including possible scenarios for better aligning it with the needs of different household types to ensure their well-being and social participation.

The Thodé committee has also been asked to consider the implications of their findings within the broader economic context. In their research, the committee will take into account the specific circumstances of the Caribbean Netherlands and the unique context of each of the three islands.


The board of the Food Bank expresses gratitude to the committee for their visit and wishes them wisdom in carrying out their task.

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