Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate releases Financing for Sustainable Energy Bonaire

The Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate releases financing for sustainable energy at Bonaire

THE HAGUE – The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) has released 10 million Euro to expedite the sustainable energy transition on Bonaire. Last week, parliament (Tweede Kamer) approved this proposal by State Secretary Yeşilgöz-Zegerius (VVD). Currently about 25% of the island’s energy is produced from sustainable sources.

The island largely depends on fossil fuels, while in the last years discussions and pressures on the safety and reliability of the existing fuel infrastructure has increased. 

The funds approved will be added to the equity of the company BBT, which entity’s shares are property of the Dutch state. BBT was founded in April of this year. With its increased equity the company can now attract investments in solar and wind energy, in accordance with the ambitions of the Climate Agreement. BBT’s purpose is to organize fuel storage that is safe and reliable and to stimulating sustainable power production on the island. In autumn BBT announced its first steps by submitting the plans for construction of a fuel terminal near the airport. 

According to Marcelino de Lannoy, who joined BBT on September 1st, 2021, as the Project Director on the island, and with years of experience in energy production on Curacao and Bonaire, the funds are desperately needed: “Bonaire has huge opportunities for sustainable energy. With these initial financial resources, we are now able to seriously move forward and make sustainable energy accessible to many people on Bonaire. Our ambition is to initially but progressively reach between 70 to 80% of sustainable energy production. At the same time, we recognize that fossil fuels will still be required on the long run, for air traffic and traffic on land.” 


BBT is currently engaged in discussions with local partners, including the local water and power company WEB and with Contour Global. “Together with our partners we are investigating wat can be done, what is required and how we can be supportive. We are working hard to come up with concrete plans and hope that we will soon be able to share these with Bonaire.” At the same time EZK has solicited the Dutch research center TNO to produce a road map towards a 100% sustainable energy transition for the Dutch Caribbean. This road map is expected to be presented to the Parliament (Tweede Kamer) at the beginning of next year. 

For questions or clarifications, you may contact Project Director Marcelino de Lannoy at

BBT was founded in April 2021 with the Dutch State as its sole proprietary shareholder. BBT is assigned to achieve for Bonaire the energy that is required to live, work and enjoy. By better organization the fuel infrastructure and by stimulating the transition to sustainable energy, BBT aims to provide “bon energia” for Bonaire. 

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