Mixed group attends Clinical Reasoning Training at Fundashon Mariadal

The participants received their certificate at the end of the 2-week training. Photo: FM

KRALENDIJK – In the past two weeks, a mixed group of participants attended the “clinical reasoning” training at the Fundashon Mariadal Academy. 

Clinical reasoning, which focuses on the ability to link observations and interpretations to medical knowledge such as physiology, anatomy, pathology, and pharmacology, was central to the sessions.

Notably, the training was provided to participants from various organizations, including FKPD, ZW-groep, Hospice, PCC, and Fundashon Mariadal itself. It was also remarkable that several participants were trained to now teach the course to fellow colleagues. 


The training was conducted by Fred Weiland and Paula Blokpoel-Brattinga from the Amstel Academy.

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