MPB confirms: Negotiations with UPB on continuation of current governing coalition

The MPB has now also officially confirmed that efforts are being made for a new administrative coalition with the MBP. Photo: MPB

KRALENDIJK – In a press release sent out on Sunday evening, the Movementu di Pueblo Bonariano (MPB) confirms that it is currently committed to a continuation of the current coalition with the Union Patriotiko Boneriano (UPB).

The Blue Party says it came to this decision because of what it describes as an “arrogant attitude” by the Democratic Party, which emerged as the big winner of the election. The party also denies that agreements were made in advance with the green party.

“Following the evaluation of the meetings with the DP and with the UPB, all candidates on the party’s candidate list have come to the conclusion that we will continue to negotiate with the UPB, as an equal partner, to try to reach a coalition agreement to come,” said MPB party leader Hennyson Thielman.

Not serious

The Democratic Party in the meantime expresses that from the beginning there has been a feeling that neither the UPB nor the MPB were prepared to seriously negotiate about the formation of a new governing coalition. “There was always arguing about all kinds of practical matters to set up a meeting, but we never spoke in-depth with either party. I can only conclude that neither the UPB nor the MPB is willing to engage in serious talks with DP about forming a coalition,” PDB leader Clark Abraham says inversation with The BES-Reporter.

The attitude on the part of the MPB has now been attributed to what it describes as an “arrogant attitude” from the Red Party.

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