MPB With Victory Tour This Afternoon

The ‘victory tour’ will start at 2PM at the Stadium in Rincon and will finish at the Stadium on the Kaya Gilberto Croes in Kralendijk.

Kralendijk- Some old habits are hard to die, and the habit of the party winning the elections to hold a ‘victory tour’ is one of them.

This afternoon the Movementu di Pueblo Boneriano, who won the local elections held on March 20th, 2019 will be holding a victory tour, leaving Rincon around 2 this afternoon. The tour will end at the Stadium of Kralendijk.

The exact route is as follows:

  1. Start at 2 p.m. at the Antonio Trinidad stadium in Rincon, onto the Kaya Cocorobí, direction Kaya Luis Pourier
  2. Turn right onto Kaya Luis Pourier, towards Kaya Hubentut and then towards Kaya Minguel Pourier
  3. Turn left towards the gas station, turn right onto Kaya Commerce until you reach Kaya E.B. Sint Jago.
  4. Turn right towards the Catholic Church until the intersection with the Kaya Minguel Pourier. Exit towards Mangasina di Rei.
  5. Continue towards Tra’i Montaña and Kaminda Gurubu until the junction with the Kaya Caribe. Turn right onto Kaya Caribe and continue along this route until the Mentor junction.
  6. Continue towards Antriol on the Kaya Korona until the intersection with the Kaya Neerlandia. Turn right onto Kaya Neerlandia until the junction at Voz di Boneiru. Turn left onto the Kaya Grandi.
  7. Continue towards Kaya L.D. Gerharts until the roundabout at the end of this street. Continue towards Kaya Nikiboko Sùit. To the Sabana roundabout and on to the Van den Tweel roundabout.
  8. Then towards Kaya Industria and immediately left onto the Kaya Mons. Nieuwind on. The Kaya Mons. Continue to Nieuwind until the end, ie the intersection with the Kaya Nikiboko Sùit.
  9. Turn right towards Kaya Avelino Cecilia, onto the Kaya Avelino Cecilia and continue towards the Kaya Piano, onto the Kaya Piano and then left towards the junction with the Kaya Cai Sint Jago.
  10. Turn left onto Kaya Cai Sint Jago to the intersection with Kaminda Jato Bako and then turn right towards the Amboina district.
  11. Turn left into Amboina and turn right and then follow the ring road in Amboina back to the Kaminda Jato Bako. Turn right towards Kaya Nikiboko Nort until the intersection with the Kaya Thomas Marchena
  12. Turn left onto Kaya Thomas Marchena towards Kaya Kanari. Then turn right to the Sabana roundabout and then continue to the Kaya Betico Croes.
  13. Continue to the Playa stadium and onto the stadium parking lot.
  14. End of the victory tour

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