Mud-slinging has started in the run-up to elections Bonaire

PDB leader Clark Abraham was so fed up with the rumors spread about him that on Sunday he started sharing the results of an alcohol and drug test online.

KRALENDIJK – In the run-up to the elections on March 15, the usual mud-throwing has intensified over the weekend in Bonaire.

A few weeks ago, competitors of Council lady Daisy Coffie, also Party leader of M21, seemed to be ecstatic about the fact that the Tax and Customs Administration threatened to sell her car in public because of a disagreement about an outstanding tax office. The photo of the public sale announcement was widely shared.

PDB leader Clark Abraham, who was recently rumoured to be either on alcohol or on drugs, on Sunday published the results of an alcohol and drug test he underwent on March 10, 2023. “To put an end to all rumours,” says Abraham, who wonders aloud which fellow politicians will follow his example.

Unpaid bills

Since Sunday, potentially harmful information is also being shared about former MPB leader and current Commissioner of social affairs, Elvis Tjin Asjoe. According to the rumour circuit, Tjin Asjoe for over a year has an unpaid bill of over 5,000 US dollars at a local bar-restaurant, which he would refuse to pay. 

Although the parties themselves may enjoy trying to discrete one another as possible before the election, many voters dislike the insinuations. “Yuk. And these are the people who must represent the population,” says an insider on Sunday evening in response to the recent gossip about Thielman, Abraham and Tjin Asjoe.

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