National Geographic considers St. Eustatius one of finest Dive Destinations of the region

ORANJESTAD- An article written by writer Julia Elkins in the Dutch edition of National Geographic can be considered wonderful promotion for St. Eustatius.

“History is searched for both above and below the water surface on this Dutch island in the Caribbean Sea. With a marine reserve larger than the island itself, St. Eustatius (or ‘Statia’, as the 3,500 islanders call it) is one of the finest diving destinations in the region. Just five miles from popular Saint Kitts, the island has more undersea archaeological sites per square mile than any other place in the Caribbean”, writes Julia Eskins in National

On land, St. Eustatius can boast of beautiful nature. The volcanic island is surrounded by jagged rocky coasts with beaches of inky sand, which are important breeding grounds for endangered sea turtles. To the south, Quill-Boven National Park is a haven for rare bird species, including the red-billed tropicbird and the ideal habitat for seventeen species of orchids. The island is topped by the Quill, an extinct volcano in the

We’ve listed what travelers need to know about the historical and natural treasures of this beautiful island.

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