National Parks Nature Chase – The Epic Challenge, Swim, Bike, Hike

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – The St. Eustatius National Parks Foundation, STENAPA, is hosting their first ever Nature Chase on Saturday October 9, 2021. This ‘triathlon’ will give people the opportunity to experience all three National Parks and the Botanical Garden in one day. In order to make the race accessible for everyone and all fitness levels, people do not have to sign up for all three legs. They can also participate as individuals or as a relay team. We have made this event inclusive and flexible, where participants can join without competing until they are ready to take on the entire Chase in the future.

Swim Route

Participants start the race at 7:30, beginning at Smoke Alley Beach on Oranjebaaiweg, then along the submerged historical city wall to end at Baby Beach at the Statia Harbour. The starting signal will go off at 7:30 am. The race is estimated to take 15-30 minutes for everyone to make it across approximately 1 km. We expect our swimmers to pace themselves.

Assistance will be provided by The STENAPA Marine Team and others along the Swimming Route. If at any time you cannot continue, or have any difficulty, they will be there to help you. Swimmers are allowed to wear wetsuits or the like and use any stroke or combination. Practice from now and bring along your courage. Participants on this leg will not be allowed to use floatation devices or anything else to assist with swimming. This includes fins, masks, snorkels, or even web finger contraptions.

Bike (Cycle) Route

Participants in the Bike Event may or may not have participated in the swimming event. Therefore, this event will have two types of starts. Those that wish to swim and bike (and/or hike), will start cycling as soon as they finish swimming. Non-swimmers will start their race 10 minutes after the last swim-biker has started the bike leg.

The route for all bikers is as follows: Starting at Baby Beach, you will ride along Oranjebaaiweg and Von Tonningenweg, then turning left onto Sandy Road. You will exit Sandy Road on the first left onto ‘Parallel Road’, using the roundabout to go to the entrance of the Boven National Park. Turn around here and use the roundabout to get to return to ’Parallel-Road’ and then right unto Sandy Road.

Make a left on Von Tonningenweg, to Paramiraweg and take the first right to get to Fort Oranjestraat, turn right then take the last left beside the Government Guest House. You will pass Wilhelmina Park, Rosemary Lane and continue all the way to Fort Windt, south of The Quill National Park. You turn around here, making a right onto Rosemary Lane, which you will bike all the way to Welfare Road. You turn left on Welfare Road, continue until you reach Millard Road. Descend until you reach the fork in the road. Turn around and head right unto Lodi. Travel until you reach Schropon Road, then Masionweg. Turn left then right onto Sandy Road, Von Tonningweg Oranjebaaiweg and then end the race at the STENAPA Office.

The race is estimated to take 1.5-2 hours for everyone to make it across approximately 18km. Cyclists are allowed to drink water, bring their water bottle and phone, and of course to bring along sportsmanship and awareness on the roads. Motor attachments, alcohol drinking and use of shortcuts is not allowed. You will need to present certain tokens to ensure you followed the correct route.

Participants can use their own bicycle or rent one from Golden Rock Bikes. Call them at +599 319 1196 or email them at

Hike Route

The race for the hikers only will begin 10 mins after the last cyclist has begun their race. The climb to The Quill starts at the Tompi Trail, which takes you a few yards from Rosemary Lane (to your right), which you will climb to the beginning of the Main Quill Trail, then unto the beginning of the Around the Mountain Trail.

You will make a detour to the Miriam C. Schmidt Botanical Garden, follow a path through the garden, then you rejoin the Around the Mountain Trail. Once complete, you will exit the Quill, walk down Rosemary Lane and Tompi Trail, to finally end at the STENAPA Office.

The hike is estimated to take 5-7 hours long with an approximate distance of 10km. Due to the lengthy time for the hike, the cut-off time is 1600/4:00pm. Use the nearest exit around 1530/3:30pm – 1. Botanical Garden 2. Courtars Mountain 3. Welfare Road. Only take photographs and leave nothing but footprints. Do not remove or damage anything in the National Park.

Refreshments and a small celebration will be held at the Garden in lieu of the prize giving event later or the following day. The management of STENAPA is hoping that many people take advantage of this opportunity to experience the beauty of the Parks. And, also, be the first to hold the trophy of what we hope will be a successful event. For more information about entry fees and more, contact the STENAPA Office at +599 318 2884 or

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