New agreements for improving healthcare in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom

The four parties are enthusiastic about the cooperation

ORANJESTAD- Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands have worked together intensively to best cope with the corona pandemic in the Caribbean.

These experiences in times of crisis have made it even clearer how important good cooperation is for improving health care for residents of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

The four countries made agreements in Aruba this week to take new steps in the coming period. The agreements concern, among other things, improving pandemic preparedness in the Caribbean region, cooperation in crisis situations such as hurricanes, prevention policy such as combating obesity and better hospital cooperation, so that the quality of care can be improved and, for example, nursing staff can be trained jointly.


Minister Oduber (Aruba), Minister Pietersz-Janga (Curaçao), Minister Ottley (Sint Maarten) and State Secretary Van Ooijen (Netherlands) look forward to the collaboration with great enthusiasm and confidence in the importance of guaranteeing and making healthcare more sustainable for residents. of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

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