New ambulift for disabled passengers in use at Flamingo Airport

KRALENDIJK – The new ambulift of Bonaire International Airport (BIA) is now officially in use after a testing period to efficiently bring on and off board passengers with limited mobility. 

This provides the airport, along with the airlines and handling companies, the ability to offer excellent service to this group of passengers. The vehicle is suitable for all medium-sized and large aircraft.

The airlines and their handlers carry out this process. BIA took the initiative to acquire an ambulift itself. The ambulift was already ordered in 2022, but was only recently delivered to Bonaire due to long delivery times from the supplier. After extensive training for BIA personnel and handling companies in the operation and maintenance of the lift, and after installing various technical equipment, the lift is now in use. The lift is owned by BIA and is operated by the handling company staff.

Extremely happy

Airport Duty Manager Gregorio Matthew: “We are extremely happy that with the arrival of the new ambulift, we can now, together with the handlers, provide optimal service to passengers who cannot independently board and disembark. Additionally, the handlers are also aided by the new lift as their working conditions improve through its use.”

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