New Collectieve Labour Agreement signed at Selibon N.V.

Rudsel Leito (l) and Cherrel Kwidama hold up the new collective agreement, with union representatives and advisors looking on. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- After a relatively long period of sometimes tough negotations, wast management company Selibon and the AFBW union have on Friday signed a long-awaited new Collective Labour Agreement. 

The new agreement will have a duration of three year and will see various new benefits for the employees of Selibon. “It was a tough negotation, but I think the employees can be satisfied with the outcome. We have management to achieve an improvement of the conditions for the employees”, says AFBW president Cherrel Kwidama. 

Managing Director of Selibon, Rudsel Leito agrees. “It was no easy process, but in the end the employees win by means of the outcome and this new agreements”. 

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