New Luciano branch Bonaire to open on Tuesday

New Luciano branch Bonaire to open on Tuesday

The new branch is all ready to open. Photo: Luc Blok

KRALENDIJK- After several weeks of preparations, the new Luciano’s branch on Hato will open to the public next Tuesday.

Although it was originally the intention to open before Christmas, manager Huub Groot indicated that it would be tight. “In fact, it depends on whether we can recruit the necessary staff in time,” Groot told ABC Online Media in December.

Entrepreneur Groot and the creator of the formula, master ice cream maker Luc Blok, are enthusiastic about the new branch of the ice cream chain at the Bonaire District Mall.


Although the shop on Hato also offers seating and, in addition to ice cream and coffee, also sells small dishes, according to Groot, the set-up is somewhat smaller than Luciano’s head office on the boulevard of Kralendijk.

For now, the new store will be open from 12 noon to 9 p.m, from Tuesday to Saturday.

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