New Managing Board at Scholengemeenschap Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – The Supervisory Board of the Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB) say they are happy to inform of the appointment per August, 1, 2023, of Rico van der Schee as Vice Chairman of the Management Board of SGB.

“With his education, background, and administrative experience, Mr. Van der Schee was nominated as the best candidate for this position by the selection committee and appointed by the Board of Supervisory Directors. We have full confidence that he will make a positive contribution to the administrative quality, particularly in terms of the school’s management, and they wish him success and enjoyment in this new challenge”, according to Riet Sealy of the Supervisory Board. 

The Board has also decided to appoint Frans van Efferink as the interim administrator and Chairman of the Management Board. This arrangement allows unit directors Barbara Sol and Francis Pieter to resume their respective roles as the unit directors of Liseo Boneriano and VMBO/Vakcollege for the new school year. 

This will, according to the Supervisory Board, create space to search for the right candidate for the position of Chairman with due consideration. The Board is grateful to Frans van Efferink for accepting this challenge.


We also inform you that Ms. Liset Wolff has been appointed as the unit director for MBO (secondary vocational education) since August 2023, in accordance with the recommendations of the recruitment and selection committee. With this appointment, tranquility has been restored to the unit. This completes the management team, which also includes the unit directors: Mr. Eric Bouwman for SLP, Mr. Francis Pieter for VMBO, and Ms. Barbara Sol for Liseo Boneriano.

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