New owners for Ocean Oasis Bonaire

Pascal Beeren and David Landman at Ocean Oasis

KRALENDIJK- Dutch entrepreneurs Pascal Beeren and David Landman have taken over restaurant Ocean Oasis on Bonaire on 1 October.

Beeren and Landman know each other from the Hotelschool in The Hague in The Netherlands. Both have a real hospitality heart. As friends and roommates many years ago they agreed to start something together one day. All too often that changes into a never, but not with this specific duo.

Both entrepreneurs have already made their marks in the Dutch catering industry. Beeren, as owner of two-star restaurant De Bokkedoorns and Landman as catering entrepreneur in the city center of The Hague.

“The past two years have cost a lot of energy and we were ready for something new, a positive energy. It is a big step and I dare to take it alone with David. When this opportunity came along, we went to Bonaire together and immediately saw the potential The moment David indicated that he wanted to take on the daily management on Bonaire, everything fell into place. We have always had that dream in mind and now also have the experience, the clout and the confidence to to make that dream come true in a realistic way. Now is the time.” Says Beeren

Solid foundation

The duo does not have to develop an entirely new concept. With the acquisition of the three-year old Ocean Oasis, they are off to a flying start and have no intention of changing everything.

‘Ocean Oasis is located on one of the most beautiful parts of Bonaire, Punt Vierkant, it is developing enormously there. It has everything it takes to become a new hotspot as a luxury holiday destination without losing its accessibility. I take the cosiness of The Hague with me and we inject that with the qualities of the kitchen and the star-level hospitality’, says Landman.

While the entrepreneurs say they will work as much as possible with local people and products, they foresee that the restaurant ill become a very popular destination for interns. ‘The base is rock solid and our hands are itching to let this pearl by the sea come to full maturity. In any case, we immediately fell in love with what is already there’.

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