New public recreation park Playa Lechi to be called ‘Isidel Beach Park Bonaire’

Artist impression of the entrance of the new public park. Photo: BOG

KRALENDIJK – The public recreation park being developed by Bonaire Overheidsgebouwen N.V. (BOG) between Chogogo Beach Resort and Den Laman Condominiums will be named ‘Isidel Beach Park Bonaire’.

The ship Isidel, previously sailing in the Windward Islands as the ‘Blue Peter,’ disappeared in July 1978 during a regular journey from Curaçao to Bonaire. Seven people were on board. Despite weeks of search efforts, the ship was never found. Ten years after the Isidel’s disappearance, a process was initiated at the court for a declaration of death for the people on board. This tragedy has remained forever in the memories of the people of Bonaire.

The family members of the crew and the passenger on board the Isidel have always regretted that there has never been a monument to commemorate these individuals. Now, with the construction of the park on the coast of Playa Lechi (Palu di Lechi), this is a good opportunity to fulfill the wish of the remaining family members. With the name ‘Isidel Beach Park,’ the crew members De Jongh (Mirlo and Daniel), the two brothers Abrahams (Patrisio and Bernardo), Angel (Bubu) Janga, Elio Anthony, and passenger Ernesto De Lanoy are remembered.

Family members of Mirlo and Daniel de Jongh, together with Adely Jansen from BOG. Foto: BOG


In spite of an extensive search that lasted for weeks, the Isidel and those on the ship were never found back. Photo: FuHiKuBo

Bòi Antoin, who, in his capacity as chairman of the Fundashon Históriko Kultural Boneriano (FuHiKuBo), helped find a suitable name for the park at the request of BOG, proposed the name Isidel. “As the client for the development of this beautiful park, I am incredibly happy that we can, in this way, somewhat do justice to the sentiment that these lives mattered and that they also receive the recognition they deserve,” said Adely Susana-Jansen, director at BOG. Ogenio (Es) de Jongh, on behalf of the family, expresses gratitude for the choice of this name and for reflecting on a piece of Bonaire’s history.”

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