New tourism tax Bonaire will be detrimental for island-hopping and day trippers

A daytrip to neighboring Curaçao or Aruba, will be totally unattractive for non-residents with the implementation of the new Tourism Tax

KRALENDIJK – The new Tourism Entry Tax, which will take effect on 1 July 2022, will be detrimental  for day trippers and so-called island hoppers. The negative incentive of the new tax is completely contradictory to the idea from the Tourism Recovery Plan to attract the group of so-called Digital Nomads to the island.

Day trippers who want to visit the island from Curaçao or Aruba will – if they are not registered on those islands, also spend 75 dollars for a single day, on top of all other costs. The tax will also have a negative impact on attracting the Digital Nomads group, which the Tourism Recovery Plan specifically mentions.

As long as those Digital Nomads are not registered on the island, they will also lose $75 each time they set foot outside the island and then come back.

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