New Watermill at LVV Bonaire Underscores Renewed Interest in Argriculture

Commissioner James Kroon fills a watertank produced by the new windmill. Photo: Government of Bonaire

Kralendijk- Political The Hague for some time has stressed on the importance of agriculture on the islands to be less dependent on import and to achieve lower food prices.

While it took some time for some momentum to be achieved in Bonaire, the appointment of Maurice Adriaens and the Covid-19 crisis seem to finally have done the trick, when it comes to initiatives undertaken by local government.

One of the first projects under supervision of Adriaens was the construction of a traditional Windmill at LVV, to extract water from the relatively barren grounds of the island. The new mill was taken into use last week. “Now that we have water available, the hope is that we can start producing more”, said Kroon during the inauguration.

Bon Tera

The project at LVV is certainly not the first agricultural project on the island. BonTera and before that, Fundashon Krusada, have already made some inroads with the local production of cucumber, lettuce, string beans and microgreens.

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