Newly discovered shrimp in Dutch Caribbean leads to Ecological insights

Palaemonidae shrimp (Pontonia manningi) photographed on Curaçao. Photo credit: Charles Fransen

A recent report highlights the diverse and ecologically crucial role of Palaemonidae shrimp in the Dutch Caribbean, revealing 46 species, with 24 being recorded for the first time in one or more islands. 

The study, incorporating fieldwork, Naturalis Biodiversity Center examinations, and literature, discovered one new species, emphasizing the need for ongoing exploration. The research unveils 60 new host associations, emphasizing the intricate relationships between shrimp and invertebrates in coral reefs. 

As coral reefs face increasing threats, documenting Palaemonidae diversity becomes crucial, providing baseline data for conservation efforts in the Dutch Caribbean.


According to the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) the research contributes significantly to understanding marine biodiversity and underscores the urgency of continued exploration and conservation for future generations.

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