Nineteen potential board directors in Bonaire receive course certificate on supervisory role

The participants to the course, togehter with the trainers of the Themis Institute. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – A group of 19 potential candidates for the position of Supervisory Board received their certificate on Friday at the Marriott Hotel, after completing a four-month course.

The course was provided by the Themis Institute under the guidance of Professor Frank Kunneman, an expert in the field of Good Governance and the role of the Board of Commissioners.

The course was organized by the Bureau Deelnemingen of the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB) and covered various aspects of of the internal supervisory role.

Both the instructors and the participants showed a lot of enthusiasm for the participation and what they learned from the course. “The subject can sometimes seem dry, but the more you learn, the more you understand how everything comes together, making it increasingly interesting,” says participant Renan Rodriguez.


The head of the Bureau Deelnemingen, George Mensché, is pleased and satisfied with the interest and the result. “Initially, it was difficult to find enough people to participate, but after providing the necessary information, including through radio, about the purpose of the course, quite a few people signed up.

An interesting detail is that Island Governor Nolly Oleana and George Mensché themselves also participated in the course. “At first, I doubted whether I should participate, but at that moment, I reasoned that I might only be acting governor for a few months,” Oleana said with a wink to the audience.

Oleana said the course was very intensive but one he certainly did not want to miss. “Sometimes you don’t realize how much is involved in supervising and the role of a commissioner, but I now know from my own experience that it is quite a lot.”

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