Nuisance young cyclists around city center Bonaire

Cyclist the Bike Standing on the Mountain Rocky Trail at Sunset, tourist with backpack

Kralendijk -Recently, there have been several reports of nuisance of children on bicycles, in the evening without lights, driving around the city centre, making wheelies and thus endangering themselves and traffic. Since this week,  a number of already children have been severely criticized for their behaviour by the on-duty bike patrols. In the coming days, the bike patrols will be visibly present in the centre to address this problem. If this is not cooperating, appropriate measures will be taken.

Showing irresponsible driving in traffic puts those who do it at risk, but also others. KPCN stresses that everyone must comply with the applicable rules in order to contribute to maintaining road safety on the island.

Did you see anything suspicious? Call 911 or 717 8000 or the anonymous tip line 717 7251.

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