Number of Dengue patients in Bonaire no longer growing

Commissioner Nina den Heyer during the press conference on Friday. 

KRALENDIJK- Commissioner of Health Nina den Heyer says that there are indeed more cases of Dengue fever on the island than in previous years, but that the number of cases has not been increasing for several weeks.

Den Heyer also stated that so far, no one on Bonaire has died from Dengue virus infection and that, as of 2024, only two people have been hospitalized due to complications caused by the virus.

The Public Entity Bonaire continues to investigate possible breeding sites, especially in the vicinity of patients who have been infected with the virus. “Initially, this was done even 7 days a week, but now that the number of new cases has stabilized, the investigation is conducted 5 days a week,” said Den Heyer.

In this way, research has been conducted at 100 houses on the island, while a total of 400 potential breeding sites have been visited to determine whether the Dengue-causing Aedes Aegypti mosquito is present there.


The commissioner also appealed to citizens to help combat the mosquito and its breeding sites. “We can also do a lot ourselves, for example by keeping windows and doors closed when there are many mosquitoes swarming around the house, by wearing protective clothing, or by applying a protective agent to the skin”.

In addition, various government commercials call for the prevention of breeding sites by not having objects in the garden that collect water after a rain shower.

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