Number of infections on Bonaire increased in the past week

KRALENDIJK – The number of infections on Bonaire has increased in the past week. 66 people tested positive. In the week of February 28, there were still 24.

A variant of omikron was found on Bonaire last week. This new variant is called the BA-2. People are more likely to become infected with BA-2 but generally have no serious complaints. This means that the chance of an increase in the number of hospital admissions is small.

The Public Health Department emphasizes that most people do not have to worry about the number of infections. Elderly people who have not been vaccinated and people in fragile health should be extra careful. This concerns people with, for example, diabetes or high blood pressure. Unvaccinated elderly people and people in fragile health have a greater chance of becoming seriously ill if infected with the new variant of omikron.

The Public Health Department is closely monitoring the number of infections. In the coming weeks it will become clear how the new variant is spreading on the island.

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