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Oil Booms as Weapon Against Sargasso Influx

The oil booms placed, so far seem to be ‘holding’. Photo: Government of Bonaire

Kralendijk – The Harbor Office in Bonaire has placed oil booms to ensure that the Sargasso which recently washed ashore at Lagun, does not float in the direction of our mangrove forests.

The Public Entity Bonaire said they are working closely with the Harbor Office and Stinapa, the three parties have jointly drawn up an action plan for the washed up Sargasso.

The Coast Guard monitors daily whether large quantities of seaweed are underway to Bonaire. At the moment the coastguard does not see large sections of Sargasso floating in the direction of Bonaire.

Together with the various companies around Sorobon, the current Sargasso washed ashore is being cleaned up. While Sargasso is completely harmless, it is considered a nuisance as it causes very bad odors when it starts to rot.

The washing up of seaweed from the Sargasso Sea at Bermuda is a recurring natural phenomenon.

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