Only 1 New Infection on Saturday; 404 Persons in Quarantine

While the number of new infections seem low, Government warns that not all test results from Friday were received on Saturday.

Kralendijk- While nearly everyone was holding their breath with the total number of infected/active cases reaching the barrier of 100 cases on Friday, on Saturday there was -at least at face value- good news with only 1 new infection.

The new infection was the sole positive test result of a total of 33 people who got tested. However, Government sources warn that not all test results were received today. The actual number of ‘positive’ cases may therefore be higher than just one.


The number of people in quarantine has shot up to no less than 404 on Saturday. According to Government they are still actively tracing contacts in order to quarantine people who may have been exposed to those infected with the virus.

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