Open Letter to Governor Rijna: ‘Frustrated by Vaccination Program Progress’

Dear Governor Rjina,

Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m the only person on Bonaire frustrated by the vaccination program’s progress? Maybe this virus is not that serious, but we’re in lockdown so it must be, right? Then why is the vaccination program lacking any sense of urgency? Why are you not pushing them to work seven days a week, why? Why are they working office worker hours? Why?

At the current rate of vaccinations it will take until the middle of October to be done with the 14,000 (28,000 doses) vaccinations.  Meanwhile the UK variant, that you allowed to get on the island, is tearing through the population and the vaccination program is averaging ~196 shots per working day and apparently oblivious to the urgency.

The vaccination program must be active seven days a week, just like the virus. By working weekends from the start we would have administered an additional ~955 shots, but we didn’t and I can’t understand why? If it is a matter of able bodies, I think you have enough volunteers on the island willing to help in anyway they can.

Working seven days a week, even at the current leisurely vaccination rate, will end the program two months ahead of the current schedule. The island could be done in the middle of August instead of the middle of October.

The risk you run is the UK variant will kill more and more people on the island, and your inaction at this juncture, will be the cause.

If there are reasons why you can’t go any faster, now would be a good time to explain.


Peter McNiff, Resident

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