Open Letter to the Executive Council and Hugo de Jonge, Minister of Housing and Spatial Planning

To all it Concerns:

Much has been discussed about the activities that circumvent the current Housing and Spatial Planning Code especially regarding: 1. Bolivia Plantation; 2. Sunset Beach planned high rise; 3. The Block Fabrication Plant in an area zoned for agriculture; 4. Chochogo illegal sand dumping and beach access.

There is no question that many will profit from this and the only ones that will not are the people that the plan should be protecting: the current and future residents of Bonaire. The only sensible option for the people of Bonaire is to profit/benefit from any breaches of the rules. I suggest that if someone wants to rezone an area to allow houses where no houses were formerly allowed, if approved then the land would be reassessed retroactively such that a fee would have to be paid prior to any building to begin to the people of Bonaire in the difference of the taxes that would have been assessed if the land was, for example 2,000 private lots and not one unbuildable parcel. Or, the difference between manufacturing land and farm land. This must be done so that it is fair to the former owners who profited from the sale, to the new owners who will have to pay the fee and to the people of Bonaire so minimally the fee should be retroactive for a ten-year period, at least. This seems in line with the current government practice of introducing fees that will limit family visitors to Bonaireans with a $75 fee each time they visit. (It is interesting that we have never been told how much it will cost Bonaire to pay to have this fee collected.)

This will give pause to those looking to change the current rules for their own personal gain and, perhaps, those who live here may see some benefit.


Charles Baltayan

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