Opening film Dutch Film Festival gives Curaçao a completely new face

Eché Janga on the set of Buladó with lead actress Tiara Richards. Photo: Gusto Entertainment.

Willemstad – The colorful harbor of Willemstad, the sounds of steel drums on the beach. When you think of Curaçao, a picture will quickly pop into your head. But much more has not been told, director Eché Janga knew. Last night, his film Buladó opened the Netherlands Film Festival, with a simultaneous screening in more than a hundred cinemas.

The magical-realistic film is set in the west of Curaçao, a remote area where eleven-year-old Kenza lives alone with her father and grandfather. Her mother’s death still echoes in the family, although the three generations deal with it completely differently.

Where father Ouira (Everon Jackson Hooi) hides his scars by staying hard and rational, grandpa Weljo (Felix de Rooy) believes he can make a door into the world of his ancestors. Kenza stands between them and doesn’t know which path to take.

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