Opposition Party Belize Wins General Elections

Juan Antonio “Johnny” Briceno has already been sworn in as Belize’s new Prime Minister

Belmopan, Belize- Opposition Party People’s United Party (PUP) has won the general elections held in Belize on November 11 by a landslide victory.

The governing United Democratic Party (UDP) manged to win only one 5 seats in Belize’s parliament, while the PUP won 26 of the 31 total seats.

The UDP, led by Prime Minister Dean Barrow, was in power 3 consecutive terms, after they unseated the previous PUP Government, who at the time had a bad reputation after a number of dubious nationalizations and other charges of corruptions.

As of late however, the UPD itself came under increased criticism dues to suspicions of corruption. A recently elected new party leader had to resign after just a few days, when new charges of suspected bribery surfaced.

The Covid-19 crisis has plunged the country in deep economic problems.


Belize, like Bonaire, is one of the top-10 diving destinations in the world. The so called ‘Blue Hole’ is a very famous diving site off the cost of the Central American country.

Belize is the only English speak Central American Country and, in spite of it’s location, forms part of the Caribbean Community (Caricom).

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