ORCO Bank Manager kicks off Ride for the Roses in Bonaire

Judy Diaz, addressing participants and organizers of the Ride for the Roses on Sunday. Photo: ORCO Bank

KRALENDIJK- Judy Diaz, the country manager of ORCO Bank in Bonaire, officially opened the Ride for the Roses in Bonaire on Sunday. The kick-off marked the continuation of a tradition that began on Bonaire in the year 2016.

Diaz reminisced about the modest beginnings of the event and the growth it has undergone in recent years.

“As the Country Manager for Bonaire, it is my great honor and privilege to stand before you today at the Ride for the Roses event,” said Diaz. “Looking back at the inception of this event in 2016, I am filled with pride, both as the primary sponsor since its inception and as a Bonairian.”

Diaz emphasized Orco Bank’s commitment to initiatives promoting cancer awareness and education within the community. She praised the work of Ride for the Roses and the foundation’s ongoing mission to support individuals and families affected by cancer.

“Today is a special moment for all of us to come together, year after year, to contribute as responsible citizens,” Diaz continued. “It is a time to unite with those who have battled cancer, our heroes, our survivors, and those bravely continuing this journey.”

Continued Commitment

Diaz also mentioned that Orco Bank remains committed to such essential community initiatives and expressed sincere thanks to all participants and organizers for their ongoing dedication to this cause.

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